Established in 1957 by Doctor Bernard Blank, Sunset Road Medical Associates (SRMA) is an independent private practive. Our Physicians and Physician Assistants are dedicated to providing the highest degree of family health care for our patients. 
SRMA is a group of board certified providers who are progressive in their medical care. 
Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality, comprehensive healthcare. 

As an independent practice, we strive to provide personal care by 
responding to after hours call by our own practitioners.
SRMA practioners are affiliated with Lourdes Health System
and Virtua Healthcare, by working closely with their in house hospitalists. 

For our patients' convenience, we are proud to offer Quest Labs on site for your phlebotomy needs.  Hours listed on home page. 

We offer many specialty services on site, including osteopathic and medical rehabilitation, radiology, ultrasound,  balance testing and audiology evaluations, 
vaccinations, dermatologic prodedures and lastly,
cardiac testing including EKG's, echocardiograms and 24 hour Holter Monitors.

We also provide a long standing weight counseling program that has 
benefited numerous patients in obtaining their weight loss goals.  Your provider will work with you and your individualized needs with diet and medical assistance.

 As a convenience to our community, SRMA offers a wide variety of medical specialists 
onsite including Orthopeadics, Cardiology, Podiatry, Physiatry,  
General Surgery, Gastroenterology, Urology, Nephrology and Otolaryngology.  
In most cases, SRMA does not provide chronic pain management, however, for our 
patients' convenience, we offer appointments for a  Pain Management physician on site.

 SRMA  also offers Allergy Testing and Treatment on site through United Allergy Services (UAS).  For most allergy sufferers, over the counter and presciption allergy medication don't address the underlying causes of your symptoms and can
 have significant side effects. The initial 1 hour allergy test can provide 
results within 15 minutes. Through customized formulation of your allergy serum,
 you can expect an 85% success rate and symptom relief can last 12 years. 
Please ask your practioner to learn more about this successful program.
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